Sunday, October 11, 2020

Gen Z!

Politico has a package of articles out on Gen Z that includes this looong one on "The rise of Gen Z could foretell the fall of Trumpism". A bit of heavy breathing here but there is some useful information. And it's a great opportunity for me to plug the upcoming States of Change report on America's Electoral Future: The Coming Generational Transformation by myself, Rob Griffin and Bill Frey.
That'll be out October 19 along with an online presentation and discussion of findings with Tom Edsall, Tara McGowan and Kristin Soltis Anderson. Link to register available soon.
"The evidence all points in one direction: Americans born after 1996, known as Generation Z, could doom not only Trumpism but conservatism as the country currently knows it.
Members of Generation Z who are of voting age — 18- to 23-year-olds — want more government solutions. They rank climate change, racism and economic inequality consistently in their top issues, according to polls, and they participated in greater numbers during their first midterm (in 2018) than previous generations did theirs....
For now, this generation remains a small part of the electorate. But as more Gen Zers reach voting age, they could force a different kind of conservatism to take root as Republicans compete for their votes, according to a POLITICO study of polling data and interviews with more than 15 experts. Gen Z’s beliefs in diversity, equality and social justice are likely to guide them for decades, pushing the Republican Party to either embrace a more inclusive, possibly libertarian message built around social and economic freedoms or lose with increasing regularity. Though some political prognosticators have viewed aging as a factor that could move younger generations toward Republicans eventually, there’s stronger evidence suggesting the imprint left on a given generation by early political encounters is more indicative of how they’ll vote over their lifetime than changes due to age....
By all accounts, the political ideology of Generation Z looks a lot like millennials — and millennials haven’t moved to the right as they’ve aged."

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