Wednesday, September 16, 2020

About Those Senior Voters....

A new set of AARP polls conducted by a bipartisan team of pollsters in a series of battleground states, has very bad news for Trump in terms of older voter support. They concentrated on age 50+ voters; here are the Presidential results for 65+ voters, as summarized by Charlie Sykes at The Bulwark.

"According to the survey, Biden leads Trump among 65-plus voters in eight states: Colorado (51% to 44%), Iowa (55% to 38%), Maine (62% to 32%), Michigan (57% to 39%), Montana (50% to 45%), North Carolina (52% to 45%), Pennsylvania (53% to 42%), and Wisconsin (56% to 39%). Trump leads Biden in one state: Georgia (54% to 42%). Biden and Trump are statistically tied in two states: Arizona (49% to 47%) and Florida (49% to 48%)."

50+ voters are concerned about the coronavirus, safe voting, healthcare, and the economy., especially Social Security and Medicare. Partisan divides are also influencing voters opinions, but neither partisan politics nor the coronavirus seem to be discouraging them from voting.

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