Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Cards in Trump's Hand Are Dwindling

On a day of dreadful polling news for Trump (Quinnipiac had him down by 15!), perhaps the worst news comes from the Change Research battleground surveys. Change Research has been running a bit low on their Biden margins in the battleground (which they usefully define as MI, PA. WI, FL, AZ and NC, definitely the six most important states) but in these most recent surveys they have Biden ahead by at least 6 in all the battlegrounds except NC, where they him up but just a point.
More important, arguably, they show Trump underwater on job approval not only overall and on COVID-19 but also on the economy and helping your pocketbook, the one area of strength for him that has been slow to decline. But here, and in a number of other recent surveys, economic disapproval is winning out. On top of all the other ways voters disapprove of Trump, that is very bad indeed--perhaps fatal.

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