Tuesday, July 28, 2020

OK, Enough Is Enough

Really, these violent street demonstrations need to stop. They're accomplishing nothing other than giving Trump a gift. Claire McCaskill gets it right (see below).

As does Bob Kuttner:

"Trump, with the aid of Bill Barr, has come up with the diabolically clever ploy of sending his private federal army into cities whose mayors don’t want the help, ostensibly to protect federal property and prevent violence.

Everyone knows this is a sham, intended to provoke more violence and depict Trump as a law-and-order president. But—wouldn’t you know it—the extreme fringe of the far left is playing into Trump’s hands, aided by a few angry poor people smashing downtown windows. Some people dressing up as antifa may even be right-wing provocateurs.

Mayors are caught in this crossfire. Some were the original targets of protests that were mostly peaceful, but with violent fringes. Now, people are in the streets, mad at everybody....

Asking our far-left comrades to exercise some self-discipline is a fool’s errand. The extreme left loves moments like this. As they used to say, it "heightens the contradictions" of the capitalist system, and brings us closer to the revolution.

Read some fricking history, people. Read about the German communists in the early 1930s who confidently declared, "After Hitler, Us!"

So enough already! And I might add, anyone who is participating in this nonsense, or even supporting it, should be ashamed of themselves.

Image may contain: text that says 'Claire McCaskill @clairecmc Anyone who participates in violence or property damage in the context of a protest is disrespecting the legacy of John Lewis and helping Donald Trump. 8:39 AM Jul 27, 2020 Twitter for iPad'

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