Thursday, July 9, 2020

Biden Bolshevism Watch (3)

So, not only is Biden turning out to be an excellent candidate, he's also turning out to have great policies. Let's get this guy elected!
One hopes that the latest releases from the Biden campaign have finally convinced his critics on the left that a Biden presidency would actually be very, very progressive. Well, probably not. Bur check out what Biden said in his speech today In Dunmore, PA:
From Politico:
"Throughout this crisis Donald Trump has been almost singularly focused on the stock market,” the former vice president said. “If I am fortunate enough to be elected president, I will be laser focused on working families.”
The Biden campaign says the plan he laid out Thursday would create at least 5 million jobs in manufacturing and innovation.
It would tighten restrictions on what qualifies as a U.S.-made good and invest $400 billion in government procurement, both of which the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign says will help power demand for American products and services.
Biden is also pledging to invest $300 billion in research and development over four years that would be spread across the U.S. to a diverse array of businesses and entrepreneurs, including women and minorities. The spending would spark what campaign officials called “high-quality job creation” around the country.
"America can't sit on the sidelines in the race of the future," Biden said in a speech delivered from a covered loading dock at McGregor Industries, a metal works plant near his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.
"The Chinese are spending multiple billions of dollars trying to own the technology of the future while we sit with our thumb in our ear," he added."
Then there was the unified task force report on policies for a Biden administration. From Vox:
"The administration it imagines — while not so progressive that it would embrace plans like Medicare-for-all or a jobs guarantee — would push for one of the largest public sector investments in decades. On Wednesday night, a senior campaign aide described Biden’s forthcoming economic plan as the “largest mobilization of public investments in procurement, infrastructure and [research and development] since World War II.”
It’s also a sign of Biden’s success in his ongoing push to unite the party: Numerous progressives on the task force chosen by Sanders told Vox they were happy with the mark they made on the final product.
The final report weighs in at over 100 pages, covering six key domestic policy areas: health care, the economy, climate change, criminal justice, education, and immigration.
Perhaps one of the most ambitious goals in the report, released Wednesday, is its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, plus more immediate benchmarks on climate — including a national goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for all new buildings by 2030, and eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035. The report also advocates the creation of a postal banking system to expand banking access for low-income families, and a ban on for-profit charter schools."
And let's not forget the health care stuff!
"* A public option plan administered by Medicare. This plan would cover a range of people, including low-income Americans who are not eligible for Medicaid, and anyone who elects to choose the public option from the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Those who currently get health insurance from their employers would also be eligible.
* Medicare would directly negotiate the cost of prescription drug prices for all public and private purchasers.
* The age to enroll in Medicare would be lowered from 65 to 60, and older Americans could choose between their employer-provided health insurance, Medicare, or a public option."
Finally Matt Yglesias is excited about Biden's "visionary housing plan".. So am I!
"Joe Biden has a housing policy agenda that is ambitious, technically sound, and politically feasible, and that would — if implemented — be life-changing for millions of low-income and housing-insecure households.
According to original modeling by Columbia University scholars, it could cut child poverty by a third, narrow racial opportunity gaps, and potentially drive progress on the broader middle-class affordability crisis in the largest coastal cities as well.
The plan hasn’t stirred an intraparty debate or really much attention at all, which could make it politically feasible to enact.
“Biden’s plan is bold, comprehensive, and will go a long way in making sure every American has a home,” Mary Cunningham, the vice president for metropolitan housing and communities policy at the Urban Institute, tells me. “It’s plainly obvious, in the middle of this pandemic, that home is more important than ever.”
The centerpiece is simple. Take America’s biggest rental assistance program — Section 8 housing vouchers — and make it available to every family who qualifies. The current funding structure leaves out around 11 million people, simply because the pot allocated by Congress is too small. Then pair it with regulatory changes to help the housing market work better for more people. It’s the general consensus approach among top Democratic Party politicians and left-of-center policy wonks."
All this is very impressive..Especially since it looks like Biden could get elected with a big margin and a Democratic Senate and actually get some of this done!

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