Saturday, July 25, 2020

Echelon Insights: Biden Up 15 in Likely Voter Survey!

Who are Echelon Insights? They are a *Republican* polling firm and one of the best. I know the two principals, Kristin Soltis Anderson and Patrick Ruffini and can vouch for them as excellent researchers who play with a full deck. So these findings are pretty amazing. Check out the whole deck for more findings and an explanation of their methodology.…/july-verified-voter-omnibus-…/

Image may contain: text that says 'Biden Leads +15; Democrats Hold +14 Advantage in Generic Congressional Ballot Match-Up the2020 presidential election being held today, would you vote election Congress were today make choice, Vote President whom would you vote? Biden+ +15 53% 9% 43% 38% Vote orCoe 7% 31% DefinitelyR Probably ProbablyD DefinitelyD Democratic candidate +14 51% 11% 40% 37% 11% 26% Trump Biden (Unsure:99%) 996) Republican Democrat (Unsure: 296)'

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