Monday, September 17, 2018

Et Tu, Ohio?

Politico is out with a new poll of Ohio voters which underscores just how contested the Rustbelt has become in the Trump era. Far from being lost to the Democrats in the wake of the Trump election, Democrats are coming roaring back, riding a wave of discontent with the Orange One and his party.
In the new poll, Democrats lead the Congressional ballot by 7 points in the state, Democratic Senatorial incumbent Sherrod Brown is crushing challenger Jim Renacci and Democrat Richard Cordray is running about even with Mike DeWine in the governor's race
Clearly something good is going on for the Democrats in this state. Recall that Ohio swung sharply toward the GOP in 2016, supporting Trump by an 8 point margin. This was above all driven by a massive shift in his favor among white noncollege voters, who gave him a whopping 32 point margin. This poll and other data suggest that that margin is being whittled down considerably.
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In 2016, Ohio voters liked the president’s pitch on trade and jobs. That may be changing.

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