Thursday, October 21, 2021

What Do You Mean "We", White College-Educated Liberals?

In my latest for The Liberal Patriot, I take a look at the ideological divergence in the Democratic coalition between white college graduates and the nonwhite working class. It's pretty big! As white college-educated liberals exert ever more influence on the Democratic party brand, this could produce problems for the Democrats' rather thin margins.
"A recent Gallup release confirmed that Democrats now have about as many liberals in the party as moderates or conservatives. That liberalism has been mostly driven by increasing liberalism among white Democrats which has spiked upward 20 points since the early 2000s. White Democrats are now a solidly liberal constituency. Not so black and Hispanic Democrats who are overwhelmingly moderate or conservative.
The contrast is particularly striking between college graduate whites and working class (noncollege) nonwhites. Gallup data indicate that two-thirds of white college Democrats are liberal while 70 percent of black working class and two-thirds of Hispanic working class Democrats are moderate or conservative.
Given that Democrats are becoming more and more dependent on the white college vote—the key group that delivered their victory in 2020—while actually losing ground among nonwhite working class voters, this ideological mismatch between the two groups of Democrats could assume ever-greater importance in future elections, depending on which group has the upper hand in determining the Democratic party “brand”.
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