Friday, October 8, 2021

Hispanic Biden Job Approval Watch

As a sort of sequel to yesterday's post on Democrats' Hispanic voters problem, here are Biden job approval numbers among Hispanics in the latest Quinnipiac poll.
Overall job approval: 42 percent approve/51 percent disapprove
Coronavirus job approval: 48/50
Economy job approval: 39/54
Foreign policy job approval: 33/62
Taxes job approval: 28/64
Immigration job approval: 23/69
Situation at the Mexican border job approval: 24/68
Commander in chief job approval: 35/58
Addendum: Figures on Texas Hispanics from the latest Dallas Morning News poll
Overall job approval: 35/54
Immigration at Mexican border: 29/47
Note: this poll gives respondents a "neither" option.
Even making allowances for the Q poll running low on job approval relative to other recent polls, these are still pretty disturbing figures.

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