Friday, October 15, 2021

Defund the Police: Done and Dusted

And a very good thing that is. Score one for political realism and another defeat for the woke lefties.
"More than a year after calls to “defund the police” took off on the left, Democrats are taking pains to distance themselves from the slogan — hoping to inoculate campaigns against charges that they want to strip resources from law enforcement.
It’s a sign that while the party’s internal debate over the political salience of the movement is still ongoing, in practice, many candidates have already determined the issue is too politically radioactive to take any chances.
“In Bucks County, we need to keep our families safe,” Democrat Mark Lomax, a candidate for county sheriff in suburban Philadelphia, says in a new TV ad shared first with POLITICO. “It starts with funding the police.”
That 30-second ad follows another in which Lomax appears with Democratic district attorney candidate Antonetta Stancu and says, “We know that to fight crime, we must fund the police.”
The explicit commitment to fund the police is rooted in lessons learned from 2020, when numerous Democrats insisted that the "defund the police" movement damaged their electoral prospects. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also concluded in an election autopsy earlier this year that the issue “carried a punch.” But the Democratic messaging is also a reaction to polling: Only 18 percent of Americans said they support the "defund the police" movement, according to a March poll of 1,165 Americans from Ipsos/USA TODAY."

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