Monday, June 8, 2020

Et Tu, Ohio?

Trump's definitely having his problems these days but it is still surprising the Ohio is actually looking like it might be in play. The recent Fox poll (a highly-rated poll, by the way) had Biden up by a couple of points. And Markos at Daily Kos provides a table based on Civiqs data that shows Ohio's ranking among various swing states in terms of net Trump approval. Interesting!
That got me curious so I went back and looked at the internals of the Fox poll--if Trump is in trouble in Ohio, what's driving that? In contrast to some other states, the problem here for Trump appears to be white noncollege voters, not white college voters. Comparing States of Change data to the Fox poll, Trump is doing about as well (tied) as he did in 2016 among white college voters, but among white noncollege his lead has is down from 32 to 17 points. Even more interesting, that is exactly how Obama won Ohio (by 3 points) in 2012--he tied with white college voters and while losing white noncollege by about 17 points!

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