Friday, July 2, 2021

The Democrats' Reliable Nonwhite Working Class Vote Not So Reliable Any More

I sketch the contours of this change in my latest for The Liberal Patriot.
I thought it would be useful to do a companion post to last week’s post on “Ten Things We Now Know About the White Working Class Vote in 2020” focusing on the nonwhite working class vote. The nonwhite working class vote has received significant attention lately because of its central role in driving the strong performance of moderate, pro-law and order candidate Eric Adams in the New York City mayoral primary. Perhaps if the contours of the nonwhite working class vote in 2020 were more well-known the demographics of the New York results would have come as less of a surprise.....
"1. While nonwhite voters as a whole moved toward the GOP in the 2020 election, working class (noncollege) nonwhites moved more sharply toward Trump than college nonwhites (12 margin points vs. 7 points, based on the two party vote).
2. Working class nonwhite women actually moved more toward Trump (14 points) than working class nonwhite men (9 points).
3. Since 2012, running against Trump twice, Democrats have lost 18 points off of their margin among nonwhite working class voters."
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