Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Needed: A Liberal Patriot Infrastructure

John Halpin at The Liberal Patriot advocates for building a liberal patriot infrastructure:
"Criticism of bad ideas emanating from either the right or the left is important. The permanent culture war engulfing public discourse—and rising sectarianism in politics based on identity, ideology, and partisanship—is unhealthy for American democracy.
But critiques alone are insufficient for generating sustained support for alternative liberal ideas grounded in reason, common sense, tolerance, pluralism, practical politics, and a belief in equal dignity and rights for all. Americans need better options. Alternative ideas need their own blueprints and support systems to thrive and grow.
So, how should those who are concerned with the current ideological makeup of modern American politics respond? By designing, building, and supporting (with time and resources) their own intellectual and political infrastructure to support a more liberal vision for the country."
He outlines the key steps for building such an infrastructure in his post. He also provides a crisp summary of liberal patriot values and political philosophy in the piece:
"We believe in equal dignity and rights for all people. We believe in a strong and prosperous America with ample jobs, decent pay, and secure families—in all places. We believe in standing up for America’s economic and security interests in the world and working with other countries to address common challenges on public health, the environment, poverty, and terrorism.
We reject discrimination of any kind. We reject pitting people against one another based on race, gender, or religion. We reject viewing political opponents, and other Americans, as enemies to be defeated rather than as fellow citizens worthy of engaging and debating respectfully. We reject corruption and poor governance, and we favor a government that delivers tangible improvements in the lives of all Americans carried out in an effective and transparent manner.
Our goals for America: Good jobs and decent pay for all people. Financial security and safety for all families. Equal rights and liberties for everyone. Politics focused on solutions and the common good rather than ideological grandstanding."
Read the whole thing at The Liberal Patriot. And subscribe--it's free!
A Liberal Patriot Infrastructure
A Liberal Patriot Infrastructure
How to create new intellectual and political networks to advance freedom, equality, and opportunity for all—and combat ideological extremism.

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