Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Hizzoner Eric Adams

Well, technically he still has to beat Curtis Sliwa. But I doubt that'll be a problem. So I think we are safe in saying Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York City.
There will be much more to say in the future about this outcome. But in the meantime, below is a short, crisp take from Politico Playbook that seems spot on.
Hizzoner has his own take of course. From an article in Politico:
"Eric Adams hit the airwaves Wednesday to discuss how his Democratic primary win, which is almost certain to propel him into Gracie Mansion, has larger implications for national politics around policing, violence prevention and public safety as his chief rivals in the race conceded.
“We have demonized public protection in this city and this country because we have too many abusive officers who are allowed to stay in our agency," he said during an interview with CBS. "But at the same time, we have ignored the problems that fed violence in our country. And I say we need to stop doing that. New York is going to show America how to run cities."
Adams again touted his record as both a former police officer and an outspoken critic of the department while he was employed there. He continued to press his campaign message that "public safety equals prosperity" as his biggest rivals, Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley conceded following Tuesday night's results.
Adams argued Wednesday that he is uniquely positioned to balance reform and safety in a way that could be a model for other metro areas suffering from increased shootings and concentrated, generational poverty.
"I know how we can turn around not only New York, but America," he said. "We’re in a terrible place."
The Brooklyn borough president and former NYPD captain said he would like to sit down with mayors past and present across the country to discuss a new urban agenda for the Democratic Party. And he hoped that some of the political infighting could be quelled by his ascension to the mayoralty.
"We have reached a point where we are allowing the dialogue to get in the way of moving us in the right direction," he said in a separate interview on CNN."
I wish him luck! He's got quite a challenge in front of him.
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