Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Sad Tale of Democratic Prospects in Florida

My latest at The Liberal Patriot:
"Barack Obama carried Florida twice, making Democrats optimistic that they could make real progress in a key state with rapidly changing demographics. But it didn’t work out that way.
On the Presidential level, they lost the state twice, actually losing by more in 2020 than 2016. While the country as a whole was moving 2+ points toward the Democrats, Florida was moving 2+ points away. They lost their lone Senate seat in 2018. They lost two additional House seats in 2020 so the House delegation became 16-11 against the Democrats (now 16-10 with the demise of Alcee Hastings in the 20th district). Also in 2020, the Republicans gained a state Senate seat and 7 state House seats, swelling their pre-existing majorities in both legislative bodies. Since 1999, with one minor exception, the Republicans have had unified control of state government (governor, state senate, state house).
Huh. How’d that happen?"
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