Friday, April 16, 2021

Joe Biden Has a Master Plan, Peace and Happiness for Every Man

My latest at The Liberal Patriot!
"Joe Biden has a theory of the case that is guiding his Presidency thus far. And as theories go, it’s not crazy.
1. Rapidly roll out the vaccine, get the pandemic thoroughly under control and return daily life to something close to normality.
2. Pour money into the economy to get it roaring back to life.
3. Pour money into dramatic expansions of the welfare state and public investment to meet people’s needs and change the country’s economic trajectory.
4. Stay away from hot button social and cultural issues, by refusing to endorse the demands of the party’s left while carefully nodding to them rhetorically and avoiding any actions that might annoy them.
5. Break the midterm curse in 2022 as a grateful electorate rewards the party with enhanced House and Senate majorities due to the Biden boom and effective delivery of benefits and economic improvements.
6. Make further legislative progress after 2022 with their House and Senate majorities in a continued favorable economic environment.
7. Re-elect Biden in 2024. It’s morning again in America!
Like I said, not a bad theory. But, laid out like this, you can see a lot of things that might go wrong."
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