Saturday, April 17, 2021

Keep Doing Popular Stuff! (2)

G. Elliott Morris plays some might sweet music on his substack about the popularity of the American Rescue Plan and now the American Jobs Plan. he has a nice roundup of historical polling data on the popularity of various bills and measures (see graphic).
"The public opinion is unequivocal in its endorsement of Joe Biden’s massive economic stimulus and infrastructure bills. If people could vote solely for the Democratic plans as if they were candidates for office, they would be the most popular Democratic politicians in the country. The public mood is heavily in favor of social spending of nearly all stripes.
Last month’s covid-19 and economic relief plan cost the government $1.9 trillion — and was one of the most popular bills of the last twenty years. In my average of polls, for it was nearly 40-50 percentage points higher than the opposition, a margin matched only by the 2007 passage of the $5.85 federal minimum wage, the Brady Bill and the Clean Air Act. A clear majority of Independents and a near majority of Republicans supported the legislation.
Biden’s current push on infrastructure spending — defined loosely so far to include physical transportation infrastructure and funding for some social programs — is less popular, but still supported by a clear majority of Americans. 56% of adults register in favor of the bill, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, while 34% oppose it. That works out to a +22-point margin for the American Jobs Plan, placing it among the more popular legislation of the last 20 years."
May be an image of text that says '$1.9T Covid-19 Relief (2021) Average polled support for bill or executive action Separate immigrant children/parents (2018 GOP Tax Reform Bill (2017) GOP Health Care Bill (2017) Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill (2010) Stimulus Bill (2009) American Clean Energy and Security Act (2009) Affordable Care Act (2009) TARP (Bank Bailout) (2008) Expand Minimum Wage (2007) Ban Gay Marriage (2006) Campaign Finance Reform (2002) Bush Tax Cuts (2001) Assault Weapon Ban (1994) Clinton Health Care Plan (1993) Brady Bill (1993) Clean Air Act Amendments (1990) -40 -20 0 20 Source: Chris Warshaw; The Economist 60'

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