Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Fight for the Working Class

Who will win? I don't know but I do have some thoughts in my latest on The Liberal Patriot.
"It’s not exactly a state secret that the Democrats face a very difficult election in 2022. Their margins are razor-thin inn both the House and Senate. Since 1946 the incumbent President’s party has lost an average of 26 House seats and 2 Senate seats in first term midterm elections. That’s enough of course for Democrats to completely lose control of Congress.
So, can the Democrats break the midterm curse? Much depends on whether and to what extent they can win the fight for the working class in 2022. That means preventing another surge of white working class voters toward the Republicans and stopping the attrition of nonwhite, particularly Hispanic, voters from Democratic ranks.
The Republicans have the reverse idea. In a widely-noted memo to House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Jim Banks, a Republican House member from Indiana, urged the GOP to cement itself “as the working class party”.
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The Fight for the Working Class in 2022
The Fight for the Working Class in 2022
It Could Be Make or Break for the Democrats

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