Friday, February 12, 2021

The Puzzle of the Black Vote in 2020

My latest on The Liberal Patriot. Following up on my piece about the Hispanic vote,, I take a look at the 2020 black vote.
"It has been widely noted that the Hispanic vote was relatively poor for the Democrats in 2020. While Biden carried the group overall, Trump made significant gains as I discussed in a previous post.
But that wasn’t the Democrats’ only disappointment among nonwhite voters. Democratic margins among black voters also appear to have declined (by perhaps 4 points), though not by nearly as much as among Hispanics (16 points). Moreover, while absolute turnout for black voters was up, as it was for almost all groups in a very high turnout election, turnout did not go up as much for black voters as for other groups, so relative turnout fell....
This is a bit of a puzzle. Trump was widely and correctly viewed as a racist, a perception that was turbocharged by the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. And the Democratic party and Biden were certainly all in on BLM, so you could hardly ask for an election where the profile of the racial justice issue was any higher. And yet….the expected surge in black support and turnout for Democrats failed to appear."
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The Black Vote Was Good But Not Great for the Democrats in 2020
The Black Vote Was Good But Not Great for the Democrats in 2020
Why Was This?

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