Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Common Sense Democrat, Thy Name Is David Shor!

Noah Smith recently posted a terrific interview with David Shor, the extremely well-informed Democratic analyst and big data guy who is valiantly trying to drag the Democrats away from their fascination with counter-productive political slogans and strategies.
Shor explains how, If Democrats really want to win and make serious change this decade, they must learn to see beyond their class biases and pet causes to the ineluctable reality of the complex, contradictory American electorate and how difficult it is get enough of these voters on your side to actually get progressive things done. He does a great job of cataloging the class and cultural blindness that currently hobbles progressive thinking and how essential it is for Democrats to get beyond this. Democrats have plenty of winning, basically economic, issues, he argues, they just need to be put front and center instead of dwelling on the cultural values that animate educated elites.
His views on all this are really quite radical. They also happen to be correct.
Video interview: David Shor, political data scientist
Video interview: David Shor, political data scientist
The whiz-kid political analyst explains why Democrats need to talk about bread-and-butter issues

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