Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Biden Administration Priorities: The Public Speaks!

There has been a raft of polling released lately tapping public views about Biden administration priorities--both what they should be and what the public thinks they are. While the news is generally good, there are some warning signs as well.
First, check out the table below from Yahoo/YouGov on what the first priority of the Biden administration should be. Notice how far, far, behind climate change and racial justice are relative to the covid pandemic and economic recovery, even among nonwhites. Then take a look at the findings from a Navigator poll which show the public rating climate change as the second highest administration priority. Kind of a mismatch.
Second, the Navigator poll also shows a relatively weak rating for Biden and the Democrats on rebuilding the economy relative to Congressional Republicans. Evidently the Biden administration commitment to "building back better" has yet to take the country by storm.
So, a lot of work to do here to align the administration and its actions with public priorities. We shall see if they are up to the task.

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