Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Welcome, Biden Republicans!

At The Liberal Patriot, John Halpin explains why Democrats should welcome Biden Republicans with open arms if they choose to join the party.
"The Republican Party has made its position on dissidents from the Trump ideological line crystal clear. They are not welcome. If conservative stalwarts like Rep. Liz Cheney get booted from the party leadership for speaking plainly about the ex-president’s lies about a “stolen” election in 2020, there is little hope that the party of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush will return to a sensible conservative—and pro-democracy—position anytime soon.
So, how should these dissident Republicans respond? As an interesting debate hosted by the good folks at the Niskanen Center highlighted, there are three potential options: (1) some Republicans will want to stay and fight for a new, reformist position within the GOP; (2) others may want to bolt the party altogether and try a third-party option; or (3) disenchanted Republicans could switch partisan sides and become new moderate voices inside the Democratic Party.
TLP is neutral on which of these makes the most sense. It’s not our place to tell Republican voters what to do with their own party affiliation. It’s not easy for people to just leave a party that has defined their political identity for many years.
However, as liberal Democrats committed to an open-minded and egalitarian party, built around national economic development and cultural moderation, we believe Democrats should offer an outstretched hand and a welcoming face to anyone who might be looking for a new political home—as any smart party committed to winning more elections in moderate or conservative states and districts must do."
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