Friday, June 18, 2021

Electoral Success? No Problem! Here's the Formula.

Here's my latest at The Liberal Patriot with John Halpin. John and I take on the issue of unmet demand in the political marketplace. We see an opening!
"Contemporary American politics has a significant blind spot. The two major political parties are mostly failing to understand and court the new center in politics—a center composed of a lot of Democrats and Independents and some Republicans—by pressing American economic nationalism in conjunction with an open-minded and tolerant position on the cultural battles that drive everyone nuts.
The 2020 election, despite occurring in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis, was essentially fought on character and cultural grounds, not economic ones: Joe Biden’s belief in the essential warm-heartedness and egalitarianism of Americans versus Donald Trump’s fire-and-brimstone tirades against various enemies and the “deep state”.
Lost in the shuffle of these character standoffs and never-ending culture war battles are the main economic ideas that both President Biden and President Trump have sought to promote, albeit with different emphases and rigor.....
[T]he political ground for representing and advancing American economic nationalism remains wide-open, with Biden having a slight advantage for now given his strong domestic focus—plus, being widely liked and not being Trump. But this good will may not last long.
Too many voters remain convinced that politics is a broken game that rewards the well-to-do and well-connected without producing much for regular middle-class families. As cynicism grows on the economic front, symbolic cultural fights will further dominate national political discourse—a trend that turns off many Americans in the center who either couldn’t care less about these battles or who hold complicated and competing cultural values not easily captured by either party."
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Economic Nationalism + Cultural Moderation = Electoral Goldmine
Economic Nationalism + Cultural Moderation = Electoral Goldmine
Many voters reside outside of the ideological confines of the two parties and are looking for a different direction.

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