Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Public Continues to Support Biden Spending Plans

One can be forgiven for being a bit skeptical of the blizzard of polls from Democratic-identified outlets that assure us that everything the Democrats wand to do is popular. But on Biden's spending plans they are mostly correct. A new survey from nonpartisan--and highly rated--pollster Monmouth confirms this The bottom line:
"Biden’s large spending plans remain broadly popular, including the Covid stimulus plan passed early in his term (60% support), his proposed infrastructure package (68%), and his proposal to expand access to health care, college, paid leave and other services (61%). The current results are nearly identical to prior polls taken this year."
And these findings are in the context of prominently featuring the price tags of these bills. It's also worth noting that, besides the expect support from nonwhite voters, the bills have strong support from both white college and white noncollege voters. This even extends to the American Families Plan type stuff (health care, childcare, college, etc) where support levels by white college/noncollege are nearly identical (57 percent/60 percent).

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