Thursday, August 22, 2019

Impeach Him? Nope.

Much as some Democrats want to do this, the public is not very enthusiastic. In fact, they flat out don't want to do it.
In the latest Monmouth poll (rated A+ by 538), just 35 percent want to impeach Trump and remove him from office, compared to 59 percent who are opposed. And this is not a particularly pro-Trump poll. His approval rating in the poll is just 40 percent and his re-elect number is only 39 percent.
But voters just aren't behind the impeachment idea. Consider the crosstabs from the poll. Noncollege whites are opposed by 67-27--but so are white college graduates, 67-26. Independents are opposed 64-20, residents of swing counties by 65-26 and moderates by 55-36. Even nonwhites are only narrowly in favor, 51-44.
So, face the facts: impeachment is just not popular. Thank heavens for Nancy Pelosi who is holding the line on this issue.
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Democrats want inquiry despite little likelihood of ousting Trump

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