Thursday, July 26, 2018

Democratic Wave Watch: The Wave Is Back!

Or at least so says Chris Cillizza, an unfailingly accurate barometer of the political conventional wisdom. i suppose that should make us cautious. But....he does round up a lot of indicators that suggest the climate for the Democrats is settling in to a very good place for the party. These include:
* generic Congressional polls
* polls of swing districts
* House ratings changes
* fundraising reports
* widened playing field
* historical patterns
Those swing districts include our old pal, Conor Lamb:
"Take Pennsylvania's 17th District in the southwestern part of the state where Reps. Conor Lamb (D) and Keith Rothfus (R) are facing off. Even though President Donald Trump narrowly carried the seat in 2016, Lamb leads Rothfus 51% to 39% in a new Monmouth University poll."
Yup, looking good.
About this article
The 2018 election is in 105 days. And the playing field continues to tilt toward Democrats.

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