Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Still Not Tired of Winning!

Yes, yes, 2019 does not predict 2020. Lots of local factors, only a handful of elections, Presidential elections are really different, etc.,etc. .But perhaps we should take moment to savor what's happened over the 2017-2019 elections, all bad ones for Trump's team. As helpfully summarized by Aaron Blake in the Washington Post:
* The House was 241-194 Republican after the 2016 election. Today, it’s effectively 235-199 Democratic.
* Republicans held a historic 33-16 advantage in governor’s seats after the 2016 election. Today, it’s 26-24.
* Republicans had a 32-14 advantage in state legislatures controlled after 2016. Today, it’s 30-19. (Some legislatures are split, with one party controlling one chamber, and the other party in a majority in the other.)
*The GOP had total control over the governance of 24 states, vs. seven for Democrats. Today, it’s a much-closer 22-14.
* Republicans had an advantage of 57 percent to 42 percent in nationwide state legislative seats after 2016. Today, that 15-point edge is trimmed to five, 52-47.
And I'm still not tired! In fact, I feel kind of refreshed.
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So much losing, the party must be getting tired of it.

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