Thursday, July 25, 2019

Medicare for All Vs. Medicare for All Who Want It: It's Not Even Close!

Point #6 of the Common Sense Democrat creed is: "Of course, Democrats should not run against Trump with positions that are unambiguously unpopular". Well, we have some new evidence on which policies are and are not popular from the Marist/NPR poll. As Nate Silver points out, Medicare for All that replaces private health insurance is comparatively unpopular even among Democrats and fares far worse among other voters. What's really popular is Medicare for All Who Want it:
"In the Marist poll, 90 percent of Democrats thought a plan that provided for a public option was a good idea, as compared to 64 percent who supported a Sanders-style Medicare for All plan that would replace private health insurance. The popularity of the public option also carries over to independent voters: 70 percent support it, as compared to 39 percent for Medicare for All."
Gee, sometimes I wish there was a policy that appealed to all the various demographic groups Democrats need to worry about: Nonwhites, Millennials/Gen Z, white college gradautes and, yes, white noncollege voters. Hey, wait a minute!
Support for Medicare for All Who Want It:
Nonwhites: 78 percent
Millennials/Gen Z: 79 percent
White college graduates: 70 percent
White noncollege: 65 percent
Well, how about that. Maybe, just maybe, that would be a good way to run against Trump.
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