Thursday, July 11, 2019

Democratic Candidates Are Attracted to Unpopular Positions Like Moths to the Flame

The latest casualty is Elizabeth Warren. On the more liberal-than-thou immigration front, she has released a a new plan which, among other things, joins the call to decriminalize the border.
This is a very bad and sure to be super-unpopular position. This is because it is quite easily portrayed as tantamount to open borders, which Americans most assuredly do not support. Despite opposing Trump's inhumane practices toward immigrants, Americans generally want to see tighter, not looser, controls at the border. The last time Gallup asked this question in 2013, 83 percent favored tightening security at the border, including 74 percent of Latinos.
Again, Warren can attempt to walk this back, should she get the nomination but she is leaving a well-documented paper trail that is likely to hurt her and make it harder to beat Trump.
And isn't that kind of the goal here? You'd never guess it from the way many Democratic candidates are positioning themselves. I dread to think of what might come next as the bidding contest continues.

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