Friday, April 22, 2022

Catching Up on the Pennsylvania Primaries

If you don't care about this, you should. The Democrats' receding chances of holding the Senate in 2022 have a lot to do with how things go in Pennsylvania.. Brian Katulis explains at The Liberal Patriot.
"With less than a month to go in Pennsylvania’s May 17th primary election, a few interesting battles have shaped up within both the Democratic and Republican state parties over who will fill the seat left open when Republican Senator Pat Toomey steps down at the end of his term early next year.
Watch the debates between the candidates in both parties over the next few weeks – they could offer important omens for what’s to come not just in Pennsylvania but also across the country.
The fight to win the nomination within both parties is important for two main reasons. First, it will offer some signals about the possible future trajectories of both parties, in large part because Pennsylvania voters living in the Keystone State can shift in unpredictable directions that can offer leading indicators about broader national political trends.
Second, the candidate who wins the general election in November could, depending on how other Senate races shake out, be the one that shifts the entire balance of power in the U.S. Senate. Democrats currently hold a razor thin margin (50 senators in the Democratic caucus plus Vice President Harris casting the tie breaking vote versus 50 Republicans). The victor of this Senate seat in Pennsylvania could determine the course of Biden’s presidency for the next two years."
Read the rest at The Liberal Patriot!

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