Friday, March 11, 2022

When Will the Climate Left Ever Learn, When Will They.....Ever Learn?

Catchy eh? Try singing it. Anyway take a gander at today's chart from Pew. And think about it, really think about it. This is what the actually-existing American public actually thinks. Then read this good article from David Weigel on the current travails of the climate left.
Note especially this accurate observation from a Data for Progress analyst:
“There's no political appetite for that [ending exploration for domestic energy], much to the chagrin of people in the climate movement,” said Danielle Deiseroth, the lead climate strategist at the left-wing polling and advocacy group Data for Progress. “We couldn't just shut it all off tomorrow, and we're realizing that more than ever.” Polling for climate groups, said Deiseroth, was revealing that “the language of ‘moratoriums' and ‘stop drilling'” alienated voters, while “transition away from fossil fuels over a longer period of time” did not. The policy was the same, but the apocalyptic language wasn't helpful."
For more on the essential uselessness of apocalyptic language, see my recent piece criticizing climate catastrophism.
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