Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Economic Left and Politics

They get some important things right! If only they'd stick to those, we could actually get somewhere. John Halpin explains at The Liberal Patriot.
"If we are to build a new politics for America based on principles of liberal nationalism, it’s important to examine and incorporate good ideas from around the ideological spectrum that are helpful to the causes of individual freedom and national economic strength in all parts of the country.
Last week’s column examined some of the best concepts from conservatives, including notions of subsidiarity and localism, common sense and tradition, and concerns about unintended consequences in policy making. Today’s column will look at some of the best ideas emanating from the economic left—ideas that serve as good companions to those conservative ideas about markets and government by offering important corrections to private sector activities.
While conservatives remind us of the problems of big government and the benefits of local actions, the economic left reminds us about the problems of big business and the benefits of collective goods and universal social insurance protections."
Read the rest at The Liberal Patriot!
What the Economic Left Gets Right About Politics
What the Economic Left Gets Right About Politics
Concentrated economic power and class inequality are bad for America. Public goods and universal social insurance programs are beneficial.

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