Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Sure, California Was a Good Result But Democrats Are Hardly Out of the Woods Yet

I suppose most people more or less realize this but it's worth checking out the results from the latest Quinnipiac poll to get absolutely clear on the situation. A Democratic governor beating a recall in a deep blue state with shambolic opponents just doesn't change much.
Biden approval ratings in this poll are dismal: 42 percent overall and also on the economy and climate change. Just 34 percent on foreign policy and 40 percent on being Commander in Chief. Needless to say, all these ratings are net negative.
But perhaps most concerning, Biden is even underwater by a point on handling the coronavirus, 48 percent approval, 49 percent disapproval. That's done from a 53 percent approval, +13 points net rating in August.
On his overall approval rating, it's worth noting that Biden is net negative by 37 points among white noncollege adults (28 percent approval/65 percent disapproval). And shockingly he is even underwater among Hispanics (38 percent approval/47 percent disapproval).
This poll is a particularly bad one for Biden but it is not inconsistent with other recent results. And views on Biden and his administration are a lot more relevant to the Democrats' fate in 2022 than Gavin Newsom's ability to survive a recall.

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