Saturday, September 4, 2021

Inside Biden's Declining Approval Ratings

One things that's clear is he's tanking among independents. The new Washington Post/ABC poll has him at 36 percent among these voters, as did the NPR/Marist poll. Other recent polls haven't been much better with readings in the 37-39 percent range.
I noticed another thing in the NPR/Marist poll that intrigued me. I'd like to see more data on this but Marist showed breaks both for white/nonwhite and for white/black/other. Biden's approval rating among blacks was a solid 80 percent but among "other" it was only 40 percent. Assuming other race is basically Hispanics and Asians that's....interesting. Like I say, I'd want to see more data but this seems like something to keep an eye on.

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