Friday, August 6, 2021

Yet Another Win for Biden Democrats, Yet Another Defeat for AOC-ism and the Twitterverse

The defeats are piling up. Democratic voters, including nonwhites, are just not buying what the woke left is selling (leave aside the rest of the country). Data analysis so far indicates that Shontel Brown, the Biden Democrat, defeated Nina Turner, the strenuously left candidate endorsed by AOC and the like among both whites and blacks (see below).
From "Thornongil"'s data analysis:
"I have broken down the white and black race splits by town/ward. Nina Turner's strength was primarily found among whites in the city of Cleveland, particularly in the west towards Lakewood and Rocky River. Shontel Brown dominated in the eastern suburbs....Brown combined a strong suburban white performance with just enough of a lead in the heavily black areas in eastern Cuyahoga to win comfortably. Given how AA-heavy this seat is, it is not surprising that Brown carried the day."
From Politico Playbook:
"DURING THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES, we had countless conversations with Biden campaign officials who warned that it was crucial to separate the social media conversation about Democratic politics from the conversations happening offline in early states.
On Twitter, BERNIE SANDERS was marching to inevitable victory over JOE BIDEN, who allegedly wasn’t much better than another four years of Trump. But in places like South Carolina Biden led in polls from start to finish, and trounced Sanders by almost 30 points.
It became a cliche to say that Biden’s unofficial campaign slogan was “Twitter isn’t real life.”
In office, Biden and Bernie haven’t been very far apart on policy, but the old electoral divisions have repeatedly resurfaced in campaigns this year, and we’ve been having a familiar conversation with folks in Biden world recently.
Their take: The gap between the political Twitterverse and the real world is as wide as ever. SHONTEL BROWN, the winner of the special election primary in Ohio on Tuesday, had some 20,000 Twitter followers (it’s grown a bit since then), while her Bernie-backed opponent, NINA TURNER, had almost half a million.
And this wasn’t a one-off election. The Bernie-ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ wing of the Democratic Party has now lost a Louisiana special election for a House seat, the Virginia gubernatorial primary, the New York City mayoral primary and this week’s special election in Ohio. In the two special elections, the Bernie-AOC candidates actually outspent the Biden-aligned candidates."
From Alexander Burns in the New York Times:
"Ms. Turner’s unexpectedly wide defeat on Tuesday marked more than the demise of a social-media flamethrower who had hurled one belittling insult too many. Instead, it was an exclamation mark in a season of electoral setbacks for the left and victories for traditional Democratic Party leaders.
In the most important elections of 2021, the center-left Democratic establishment has enjoyed an unbroken string of triumphs, besting the party’s activist wing from New York to New Orleans and from the Virginia coastline to the banks of the Cuyahoga River in Ohio. It is a winning streak that has shown the institutional Democratic Party to be more united than at any other point since the end of the Obama administration — and bonded tightly with the bulk of its electoral base.
These more moderate Democrats have mobilized an increasingly confident alliance of senior Black and Hispanic politicians, moderate older voters, white centrists and labor unions, in many ways mirroring the coalition Mr. Biden assembled in 2020.
In Ohio, it was a coalition strong enough to fell Ms. Turner, who entered the race to succeed Marcia Fudge, the federal housing secretary, in Congress as a well-known, well-funded favorite with a huge lead in the polls....
Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, a top member of House leadership, said in an interview Wednesday that Democratic voters were clearly rejecting candidates from the party’s most strident and ideological flank.
Where some primary voters welcomed an angrier message during the Trump years, Mr. Jeffries said, there is less appetite now for revolutionary rhetoric casting the Democratic Party as a broken institution.
“The extreme left is obsessed with talking trash about mainstream Democrats on Twitter, when the majority of the electorate constitute mainstream Democrats at the polls,” Mr. Jeffries said....
[M]oderate party leaders on Capitol Hill and in the White House are greeting the results from the off-year elections with undisguised glee, viewing them as a long-awaited reality check on the progressive wing’s claims to ascendancy. Mr. Biden’s advisers have regarded the off-year results as a validation of his success in 2020 — further proof, they believe, that the Democratic Party is defined by his diverse, middle-of-the-road supporters."
Yup, the Democrats who really define the party are Biden Democrats not the leftists who have such a large megaphone on Twitter and in the media generally. That is very, very important to remember.

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