Tuesday, August 24, 2021

In Case You Haven't Noticed, the Democrats Are In a Spot of Trouble

See the latest chart on Biden approval from 538. Barely above water. See also the Harry Enten article on the political environment moving toward the Republicans. G. Elliiott Morris notes:
"[T]he charts show Biden’s net job approval dropping steadily almost every week since his inauguration. That’s due in part because of a decline in his approval rating, but mostly due to a steeper rise in his disapproval rating. On average across aggregates (NB: a meta-average, perhaps?) the president’s approval dropped 5 points from January to August 22nd while his disapproval rose by ten. This decline has been predictable, roughly matching the shift for presidents Obama and Trump (see the Economist/YouGov chart for parallel trends).
Second, the aggregates show more movement against Biden in the last week than there was on any week in the last 7 months. The president’s net approval dropped four points last week, compared to an average of 0.5-1 point each week prior. I think it’s pretty clear the fall of Kabul last weekend and (especially) the media coverage of the fiasco has impacted Biden negatively."
Time for Democrats to pull together on passing the BIF and some sort of reconciliation bill. Today's outbreak of common sense on moving these items forward it welcome. Oh, and the covid situation really has to be resolved with any tools at the administration's disposal. This is not optional.
May be an image of text that says 'INTERACTIVES How Popular Is Joe Biden? UPDATED HOURS AGO 47.6% Approve 47.0% Disapprove'

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