Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It's Official: Biden Is Underwater

The latest 538 average is below. Biden disapproval now is slightly higher than Biden approval.. Not good. Harry Enten has the gory details:
"Biden has been trending downward for a while. The truth is that he is losing ground on a number of key issues.
The coronavirus pandemic, for example, had been one of Biden's best issues. He was trusted more than former President Donald Trump to handle it in poll after poll during last year's election. Trump likely would have won in 2020 had people trusted him more.
Biden's approval rating on the coronavirus had consistently been in the 60s for the first six months of his presidency. That declined to the high 50s in July and has been sunk to the 50s in the month of August.
Biden's overall approval rating has declined at a similar rate to his coronavirus pandemic approval rating.
The problem for Biden is that people are reacting to what they see on the ground. Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are the highest they've been since the beginning of the year, as the Delta variant has taken hold in the US. More people fear catching the coronavirus than they have since the beginning of the spring when vaccines became widely available. Most Americans think the worst of the virus is still ahead of us, which is a shift from earlier this year.
Biden's also seen his numbers on the economy drop. During August, Biden's average approval rating on the economy has been just 47%. That's down from the 51% it averaged during the month of July.
Again, this drop can be assigned to a reaction to real world events. Consumer sentiment declined greatly during the first half of August, according to the University of Michigan.
The decline of Biden's economic approval rating should be worrying to him. As I noted previously, Biden's economic approval rating has been closely tied to his overall approval rating. Right now, both of them are at 47% in the average of polls."
May be an image of text that says 'How Popular Is Joe Biden? UPDATED 6 HOURS AGO 47.5% Disapprove 47.2% Approve'

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