Tuesday, March 2, 2021

President Biden Wants You to Join Your Union!

Well, he didn't exactly say that but then again it's not clear FDR actually made such a statement either. But Biden, in his video message relating to a unionization vote at an Alabama Amazon warehouse made clear where his sympathies lie and warned Amazon not to try to manipulate the vote. That's a big deal by the standards for American presidents for a very long time.
We'll see if Biden keeps it up so the headline here really does seem the message to workers. If so, that could easily be one of the most consequential parts of Biden's Presidency. Right now, the private sector unionization rate is only 6.3 percent, so there's a very long way to go. But perhaps Biden's intervention is a harbinger, at long last, that a more favorable environment for union activity has arrived.
May be an image of 2 people, including Dipankar Samanta and text that says 'I WANT YOU To Join Your Union If I went to work in a Factory, the first thing Id do would be to join a union." Franklin D. Roosevelt'

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