Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A Contract with (Young) America

John Halpin at The Liberal Patriot reports some data about young Americans' hardships experienced from the pandemic and suggests we need to offer young Americans a better deal.
"Looking...at some recent polling on poverty and the pandemic I ran this past February.....more than 4 in 10 Americans overall report having experienced at least one economic hardship in the past year, such as a job loss or difficulty affording housing, medical care, or food.
The generational divides on this measure are stark, however. Nearly 70 percent of Generation Z/Millennial voters report at least one of these hardships in the past year, compared to less than half of those in Generation X and around one-fifth of Baby Boomer/Silent Generation voters. Although experiences of economic hardship differ based on gender, race, and income, nothing matches the generational divide in terms of reported experience of economic problems related to the pandemic.
Notably, half of all Generation Z/Millennial voters say they have experienced 3 or more of these hardships in the past year, with one quarter reporting trouble in all 5 areas.....
It’s time for citizens to create a “Fair Deal for America’s Youth” program centered on a few core economic goals:
* Ensure that no child in America grows up in poverty.
* Allow every child in America to attend a top-notch traditional public school or charter school—regardless of their zip code or their parents’ income.
* Put college in reach for more young people; make public colleges and universities nearly cost free for everyone; and reduce student loan burdens and offer loan forgiveness programs tied to national service.
* For those not interested in college, bulk up high-skill apprenticeships and paid training programs in high-wage manufacturing or service industries.
* Help the next generation of workers better afford to work and raise a family by fully extending health care, child care assistance, and affordable housing options to all young people.
* Make it easier for part-time employees, infrequent or contract workers, and those whose careers have been disrupted to save money for retirement and build wealth."
Read the whole thing at The Liberal Patriot!

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