Friday, May 10, 2019

The Demographics of Biden's Support

This is a very nice table released by ALG Research showing Biden's support by Democratic subgroups. His support is strongest among older voters, noncollege grads, moderate/conservative Democrats and, interestingly, voters of color and women. The only group where he doesn't have a lead is very liberal Democrats--maybe a fifth of Democratic voters.
And of course he's just far ahead of the other Democratic candidates period. That includes in the three early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina..He also leads Trump nationally by 7 points, by 13 points in Michigan, and is the only Democrat who leads Trump in Arizona or Nevada.
The data say Biden looks pretty strong. But he can he bring the party together in an effective way to defeat Trump and move the Democratic agenda forward? As Paul Starr puts it: "The Democratic Party today is both a coalition and a movement, and the presidential nominee has to lead the movement while holding the coalition together." Can Joe do it? Starr has some ideas about how he can in his latest American Prospect column. I recommend it.

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