Saturday, November 10, 2018

Yet More Good News!

Kyrsten Sinema is now up by almost 29,000 votes in Arizona after the latest round of vote-counting. 538 now gives her an 85 percent chance of winning the race. Sweet.
In addition, 538 has the Democrats up to a 38 seat gain on their tracker. David Wasserman of Cook Political Report thinks the Democrats will get at least one more than that.
And the dreadful Dana Rohrabacher has been defeated by Harley Rouda in CA-48. Wasserman notes that:
"Two years after Trump became the first R to lose Orange County since 1936, House Dems are on track for a *total shutout* of the GOP in the OC."
He also notes that, if outstanding races in CA go the Democrats' way:
'CA would go from 39D-14R to 45D-8R, a delegation so lopsided it could capsize into the Pacific."
Finally, Amy Walter of Cook Political Report has this to say:
"Rs had a huge structural advantage going into 2018. The fact that Ds may net 40 seats is a rout. Period. This argument that it’s not as bad as Obama’s 63 seat loss in 2010 is laughable."

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