Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What 2018 Tells Us About How Democrats Can Win in 2020

Several folks have already noticed that my Post op-ed on this topic is up on their site. My intent in the piece was to lay out a basic strategic approach that could succeed in 2020, based on the pattern of results we saw in 2018. How exactly to implement this approach in terms of a candidate/campaign themes is a difficult question and no doubt everyone has their ideas about that. But I wanted to make clear what that candidate and his/her themes has to accomplish.
"Think of it as a military campaign. From their coastal stronghold in the Northeast, the Democrats need to sweep into the Upper Midwest and down the Eastern Seaboard into New South states such as Georgia and Florida. And they also must push out from the Pacific coast and their emerging strength in the Southwest to threaten the other states such as Arizona and Texas that haven’t yet fallen to the Democrats. Each part of that campaign presents different challenges."
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The challenge will be implementing them with President Trump on the ballot.

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