Sunday, April 8, 2018

I welcome their hatred!

There's a bit of a kerfuffle about an article I recently wrote with Peter Leyden that was part of our California Is the Future series on Medium. The article, "The Great Lesson of California in America's New Civil War", was recently tweeted about by Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, who said it was a "great read".
Cue the right-wing outrage. Their view is:
1. The fact that the Twitter CEO favorably mentioned our article is irrefutable proof that Twitter is part of a Vast Liberal Conspiracy to promote the left and shut out the right.
2. The article argues that there is a struggle going on for which model America should follow and it will be resolved not by bipartisan compromise but rather by one side triumphing over the other. The article takes the Democrats' side and sees California as our best current model for where the country is and should be going. The Trump model, closely embraced by today's Republican Party, must be defeated.
That, according the right wing howls that Dorsey's tweet has elicited, can only mean we envision turning America over to "mob rule" and a one-party state.
3. Since it is article of right wing faith that California today is a hellhole little better than Venezuela, the very idea of California as a model for America's future sends them into a tizzy. As the commentator on the conservative Townhall site (link below) says: "I'd rather chug bleach".
Well, that seems a bit over the top. Anyway, I do plead guilty to the idea that California is a way better model for the country's future than the pronouncements and policies of the today's Trumpized Republican Party.
Meanwhile, as FDR put it in a different context, I welcome their hatred.

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