Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I welcome their hatred (2)

Rush Limbaugh is also apparently upset with us. I invite you to read the screed below. But I was pleased to learn that I have been appointed to a professorship! Very kind of you Rush.
"Anyway, the thing about Jack Dorsey at Twitter. Jack Dorsey read an article by a couple leftist professors and retweeted it thinking, “Man, this is a great read.” You know what it is? It’s a very long, serious piece on how the only solution the United States has is to simply eliminate the Republican Party, just get rid of it, that California is the model. If we want to save America and if we want America to actually be great, we need to model the rest of the country after California and simply get rid of the GOP and conservatism....
Their names are Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira, and they both believe that we are already in a civil war in this country and that the only objective the left should have is the elimination of the GOP. The elimination of conservatism, simply wipe it out. And their model for this is the state of California, that leftists and Democrats should take what has happened in California where the Republican Party essentially ceases to exist, and do that all across the United States, essentially, to effectively win this second civil war."
I wonder if he pronounced my name right.
RUSH: They claim that the only way to save this country is simply get rid of the Republican Party, like the North got rid of the South and neutered them in the Civil War.

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