Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Today's Useful Data: We ❤ Immigrants

Despite all the publicity anti-immigrant rhetoric and politicians get, it's pretty amazing how positive the trend lines are on what actually-existing Americans think about immigrants. In a recent Pew study, mostly devoted to showing how partisan views of various issues have diverged in recent years, it's worth noting that now almost two in three Americans think immigrants "strengthen the US with their hard work and talents" (highest ever! more than double the number back in 1994!) compared to little more than one in four who think immigrants "burden the country by taking jobs, housing and health care". And sure there is indeed a big divide between the parties on this issue but in recent years that's because both Republican and Democratic partisans have become liberal in their views, but Democrats are getting more liberal faster. This does not sound like a country about to cave in to a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria.

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