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Science Fiction Saturday: SF Masterworks Series

The SF Masterworks series is a fantastic SF series put out by the English publisher Gollancz, generally of books published 1950 and later. Pretty much everything in the series--up to 162 books now--is excellent and many are outright classics. It's a very, very well-selected series; you really can't go wrong reading almost anything in it.

Here's a portion of the  list. Just throw a dart at it and start reading. (Note: all books in the series and more info on each book can be found in this illustrated list from the Worlds Without End site.)

TitleAuthorOriginally PublishedISBNMasterworks Published
The Forever War *Joe Haldeman1974978-0-575-09414-72010
I Am Legend *Richard Matheson1954978-0-575-09416-12010
Cities in Flight *James Blish1950–1962978-0-575-09417-82010
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? *Philip K. Dick1968978-0-575-09418-52010
The Stars My Destination *Alfred Bester1956978-0-575-09419-22010
Babel-17 *Samuel R. Delany1966978-0-575-09420-82010
Lord of Light *Roger Zelazny1967978-0-575-09421-52010
The Fifth Head of Cerberus *Gene Wolfe1972978-0-575-09422-22010
Gateway *Frederik Pohl1977978-0-575-09423-92010
The Rediscovery of Man *Cordwainer Smith1950–1966978-0-575-09424-62010
Inverted WorldChristopher Priest1974978-0-575-08210-62010
Cat's Cradle **Kurt Vonnegut1963978-0-575-08195-62010
Childhood's End **Arthur C. Clarke1953978-0-575-08235-92010
The Island of Doctor Moreau **H. G. Wells1896978-0-575-09516-8 (hb) / 978-1-473-21799-7 (pb)2010 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
DhalgrenSamuel R. Delany1974978-0-575-09099-62010
The Time Machine * **H. G. Wells1895978-0-575-09517-5 (hb) / 978-1-473-21797-3 (pb)2010 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
HelliconiaBrian Aldiss1982–1985978-0-575-08615-92010
The Food of the Gods **H. G. Wells1904978-0-575-09518-2 (hb) / 978-1-473-21801-7 (pb)2010 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
The Body SnatchersJack Finney1955978-0-575-08531-22010
The Female ManJoanna Russ1975978-0-575-09499-42010
ArslanM. J. Engh1976978-0-575-09501-42010
The Difference EngineWilliam Gibson and Bruce Sterling1990978-0-575-09940-12011
The PrestigeChristopher Priest1995978-0-575-09941-82011
GreybeardBrian Aldiss1964978-0-575-07113-12011
SiriusOlaf Stapledon1944978-0-575-09942-52011
HyperionDan Simmons1989978-0-575-09943-22011
CityClifford D. Simak1952978-0-575-10523-22011
Hellstrom's HiveFrank Herbert1973978-0-575-10108-12011
Of Men and MonstersWilliam Tenn1968978-0-575-09944-92011
R.U.R. and War with the NewtsKarel Čapek1921 & 1936978-0-575-09945-62011
The AffirmationChristopher Priest1981978-0-575-09946-32011
Floating WorldsCecelia Holland1975978-0-575-10823-32011
Rogue MoonAlgis Budrys1960978-0-575-10800-42012
Dangerous VisionsHarlan Ellison1967978-0-575-10802-82012
Odd JohnOlaf Stapledon1935978-0-575-07224-42012
The Fall of HyperionDan Simmons1990978-0-575-09948-72012
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy**Douglas Adams1979978-0-575-11534-72012
The War of the Worlds * **H. G. Wells1898978-0-575-11535-4 (hb) / 978-1-473-21802-4 (pb)2012 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
SynnersPat Cadigan1991978-0-575-11954-32012
Sarah CanaryKaren Joy Fowler1991978-0-575-13136-12012
AmmoniteNicola Griffith1992978-0-575-11823-22012
The Continuous Katherine MortenhoeD. G. Compton1973978-0-575-11831-72012
FrankensteinMary Shelley1818978-0-575-09960-92012
Roadside Picnic *Arkady and Boris Strugatsky1972978-0-575-09313-32012
Riddley Walker **Russell Hoban1980978-0-575-11951-22012
Doomsday BookConnie Willis1992978-0-575-13109-52012
Unquenchable FireRachel Pollack1988978-0-575-11854-62012
The Caltraps of TimeDavid I. Masson1968978-0-575-11828-72012
Engine SummerJohn Crowley1979978-0-575-08281-62013
Take Back PlentyColin Greenland1990978-0-575-11952-92013
Slow RiverNicola Griffith1995978-0-575-11825-62013
The Gate to Women's CountrySheri S. Tepper1988978-0-575-13104-02013
The Sea and SummerGeorge Turner1987978-0-575-11869-02013
The Invisible Man * **H. G. Wells1897978-0-575-11537-8 (hb) / 978-1-473-21798-0 (pb)2013 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
A Canticle for Leibowitz **Walter M. Miller1960978-0-575-07357-92013
WaspEric Frank Russell1957978-0-575-12904-72013
To Say Nothing of the DogConnie Willis1997978-0-575-11312-12013
The Gods ThemselvesIsaac Asimov1972978-0-575-12905-42013
This Is the Way the World EndsJames Morrow1985978-0-575-08118-52013
The First Men in the Moon * **H. G. Wells1901978-0-575-11538-5 (hb) / 978-1-473-21800-0 (pb)2013 (hb) / 2017 (pb)
The DeepJohn Crowley1975978-0-575-08264-92013
Time is the Fire: The Best of Connie WillisConnie Willis2013978-0-575-13114-92013
No Enemy But TimeMichael Bishop1982978-0-575-09311-92013
Double StarRobert A. Heinlein1956978-0-575-12203-12013
Revelation SpaceAlastair Reynolds2000978-0-575-12906-12013
Random Acts of Senseless ViolenceJack Womack1995978-0-575-13230-62013
TransfigurationsMichael Bishop1979978-0-575-09309-62013
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe **Douglas Adams1980978-1-473-20066-12013
The Door Into SummerRobert A. Heinlein1957978-0-575-12072-32013
Life, the Universe and Everything **Douglas Adams1982978-1-473-20067-82013
Dr. Bloodmoney *Philip K. Dick1965978-1-473-20168-22014
Half Past HumanT. J. Bass1971978-0-575-12962-72014
The Long TomorrowLeigh Brackett1955978-0-575-13156-92014
The GodwhaleT. J. Bass1974978-0-575-12993-12014
Jem *Frederik Pohl1980978-1-473-20170-52014
The Shrinking Man *Richard Matheson1956978-1-473-20169-92014
A Case of Conscience *James Blish1958978-1-473-20543-72014
Her Smoke Rose Up ForeverJames Tiptree, Jr1990978-1-473-20324-22014
Stand on Zanzibar *John Brunner1968978-1-473-20637-32014
Mission of Gravity *Hal Clement1954978-1-473-20638-02014
The Word for World Is ForestUrsula K. Le Guin1976978-1-473-20578-92015
Downward to the Earth *Robert Silverberg1970978-1-473-21192-62015
Hard to Be a GodArkady and Boris Strugatsky1964978-1-473-20829-22015
Night LampJack Vance1996978-1-473-20892-62015
Life During Wartime *Lucius Shepard1987978-1-473-21193-32015
Nova *Samuel R. Delany1968978-1-473-21191-92015
Monday Begins on SaturdayArkady and Boris Strugatsky1965978-1-473-20221-42015
Dark Benediction *Walter M. Miller1951978-1-473-21194-02015
The Wind's Twelve Quarters and The Compass RoseUrsula K. Le Guin1975 and 1982978-1-473-20576-52015
Dying of the LightGeorge R. R. Martin1977978-1-473-21252-72015
A Fire Upon the DeepVernor Vinge1992978-1-473-21195-72016
NorstriliaCordwainer Smith1975978-1-473-21253-42016
LimboBernard Wolfe1952978-1-473-21247-32016
The Day of the Triffids **John Wyndham1951978-1-473-21267-12016
FairylandPaul J. McAuley1995978-1-473-21516-02016
The Chrysalids **John Wyndham1955978-1-473-21268-82016
The Man Who Fell to EarthWalter Tevis1963978-1-473-21311-12016
Always Coming HomeUrsula K. Le Guin1985978-1-473-20580-22016
Feersum Endjinn **Iain M. Banks1994978-1-473-20251-12016
A Deepness in the SkyVernor Vinge1999978-1-473-21196-42016
Starship Troopers **Robert A. Heinlein1959978-1-473-21748-52016
The Midwich Cuckoos **John Wyndham1957978-1-473-21269-52016
Swastika NightMurray Constantine1937978-1-473-21466-82016
China Mountain ZhangMaureen F. McHugh1992978-1-473-21462-02016
The Book of the New Sun Volume 1: Shadow and ClawGene Wolfe1980–1981978-1-473-21649-52016
The Book of the New Sun Volume 2: Sword and CitadelGene Wolfe1982–1983978-1-473-21200-82016
The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin1969978-1-473-22162-82017
Neuromancer **William Gibson1984978-1-473-21737-92017
The Shape of Things to ComeH. G. Wells1933978-1-473-22165-92017
The Doomed CityArkady and Boris Strugatsky1975978-1-473-22228-12017
Raising the StonesSheri S. Tepper1990978-1-473-22265-62017
The EmbeddingIan Watson1973978-1-473-22267-02017

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