Monday, January 24, 2022

Want to Win? Study Up!

The good folks at The Welcome Party have put together a "syllabus" for big tent Democrats who want to win. Their picks are all worth your time. Given the current situation, it can't hurt to study up a bit.
"Where do you send someone who wants to know how Democrats can win?
On the far-left, there are plenty of options if you want to join a book club with the Democratic Socialists or get regular emails on policy topics like abolishing private health insurance. Trump has rallies and boat parades. The center-right has The Bulwark and other burgeoning communities.
Big-tent Democrats may not have boat parades or swag, but there is foundational reading.
Below are our top ten reads to lay out the need for and path towards a big-tent Democratic Party. Please let us know additions that can help normies get up to speed on our reality and what can be done about it."

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