Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Biggest Problem Is the GOP Might Win Fair and Square

Biden was down in Georgia flogging voting rights bills that won't pass and, even if they did, wouldn't do much to solve what is arguably the Democrats' main problem: they might just get fewer votes than the other guys. I shall more to say about this presently but here's an interesting piece by Megan McArdle:
"What happens if Democrats lose in 2024?
I don’t mean “What if Republican-controlled legislatures override the results of the presidential election?” or even a less noxious “What if a Republican wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote?” I mean, what if Democrats just … lose?
The question is admittedly speculative, but it’s not as far-fetched as my left-leaning readers might imagine. They ought to start imagining it, however, because the more the left assumes it can’t happen, the more likely it becomes.
Democrats have gotten out of the habit of thinking of the Republican Party as a normal opposition that sometimes beats them by the simple expedient of winning more votes. Even before Jan. 6, they often saw Republican victories as a bit of a cheat, the product of voter suppression, gerrymandering and the bad luck of a Constitution that grants outsize influence to low-population states. Democrats push election reforms so aggressively because they believe their cause is right. But it’s also true that they tend to assume that any accessible, fair and honest system will give the majority of votes to Democrats."
Wrong, wrong, wrong as I will explain more detail in my Liberal Patriot piece tomorrow.

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