Thursday, December 16, 2021

Political Do's and Don'ts on Immigration

John Halpin at The Liberal Patriot has a message for the left on immigration. Public opinion across 20 countries doesn't have your back.
"The issue of immigration continues to cause great political controversy in many countries. In TLP’s final examination of a comprehensive multinational survey, we find that pluralities or majorities of citizens in nearly every country tested believe that the number of immigrants coming into their country is too high. Consequently, people in different national contexts express a strong desire for clear and consistent rules about who is allowed to enter the country and what immigrants must do once they arrive.
These findings are based on analysis of 22,000 interviews with citizens in 20 leading democratic countries, conducted by YouGov and Global Progress ahead of the G20 summit in Rome. TLP was fortunate to work on this project, and has offered previous analysis of the overall results, along with important findings on culture wars, democracy, and climate change.
Most citizens in 20 leading democratic countries believe that the number of immigrants coming into their country is too high. As seen in the pie chart below, 53 percent of respondents across all 20 countries surveyed say that the number of immigrants arriving in their country is too high, while around one quarter of people believe the number of immigrants is about right. Less than 1 in 10 citizens globally feel that there are not enough immigrants coming into their country.....
Combined, these global survey results present a stark reality for governments and political parties thinking through contentious issues surrounding immigration.
Most people in most places believe that there are too many immigrants arriving in their country. The desired solution is not necessarily to erect quotas on immigration. Rather, citizens want clear and consistent rules about who can enter along with stronger adherence to established domestic rules by immigrants themselves.
People across the world are open to humane immigration policies but clearly want well-managed systems and stronger border enforcement above all else."
Read the whole thing at The Liberal Patriot!

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