Monday, May 17, 2021

What Do People Think Government Is Responsible For? Plenty!

And coming up fast in the outside lane: access to high-speed internet. New Pew data shows the following percentages of the public believe government has a responsibility to provide:
Clean air and water for all Americans--87 percent
High quality K-12 education for all Americans--79 percent
Health insurance for all Americans--64 percent
Adequate income in retirement for all Americans--58 percent
Adequate standard of living for all Americans--56 percent
Access to high-speed internet for all Americans--43 percent.
That 43 percent on high-speed internet is up from just 26 percent two years ago (see graphic below). Clearly recognition is spreading of just how vital access to broadband is for everyone in the 21st century. Leave no child (or adult) offline! This trend connects nicely to an important part of Biden's infrastructure package (American Jobs Plan) which provides for this expansion of access, including especially to rural areas, where the lack of access is a huge barrier to economic development. The Democrats will not get everything in the AJP but this is one that should be non-negotiable (and which even Republicans might go for).
It's also worth noting that, in general, lower income Republicans are closer to Democrats of all incomes on these responsibilities of government than they are to their fellow middle and upper income Republicans (see second graphic).

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